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Hiwin Linear Actuator LAS1

Hiwin Linear Actuator LAS1
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Screw type: ACME
Weight*: 1.04kg
Protection: IP54
Compatible with all controllers (Notice the type of connector: Audio/DIN 4pin)
Working temp: +5oC~40oC
*Stroke length 200mm


  1. IP65
  2. Back fixture turned 90o
  3. Rod end with flat connector
    (RL=S+110 , S ≤ 250 / RL=S+160 , S > 250)
  4. 36VDC motor
  5. External reed switches
  6. Plastic gear (Max. load: 800N)
  7. Plug : DIN 4PIN plug / Stereo plug / Mono plug


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Product Description

Hiwin Linear Actuator LAS1 belongs to ACME screw type, max thrust is 12000N, mostly applied to automation facilities, automatic windows and doors, household furniture and electric wheelchairs.